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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

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Director – Stephen Herek

Writers – Chris Matheson, Ed Solomon

Ever wondered what various famous historical figures would make of our world today? Well, wonder no longer, as Bill S. Preston Esquire (Alex Winter) and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan (Keanu Reeves) take you on an excellent adventure (it must be, because it says so in the title, and in this case it’s actually true!) into the world’s past to help them pass their history report set by Mr Ryan (Bernie Casey), to appease Ted’s drill sergeant of a police officer dad (Hal Landon Jr.) in order for him not to send Ted to military academy, ultimately bringing balance to the universe (or something). The Wyld Stallyns (that’s their dysfunctional band name) take to the tubes of history with the nimble assistance of Rufus (the inimitably cool George Carlin) and whirl through the time eddies bumping into Napoleon Bonaparte (Terry Camileri), Joan of Arc (Jane Wiedlin), Billy the Kid (Dan Shor), Sigmund Freud (Rod Loomis), Socrates (Tony Steedman), ‘Bob’ Genghis Khan (Al Leong) and Abraham Lincoln (Robert V. Barron), to name but a few famous historical personages. It’s a whole heap of nonsense, but an incredibly enjoyable popcorn romp.

Party on, dudes!